product handling & seasoning

Equipment for enhancing flavors in the food industry

Cablevey Conveyors was founded in 1971 to service the agricultural industry primarily conveying grain and seed. The success in the USA turned international with product distributed throughout 60 countries.
The Cablevey Conveyor’s cable and disc technology gently move products through an
enclosed tube without the use of air. Systems can convey up to 55 cubic meters per hour. Product separation and degradation are practically eliminated. Cablevey replaces Bucket Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Pneumatic and Aeromechanical Systems.

Cablevey conveys material for food processing, snack food, nuts, coffee, pet food, cereal, and tea. Currently, Cablevey has confidently conveyed over 500 different products for the top-tier food processors globally.
Conveyor Solutions for Production Facilities.

KMG is the global leader in the design and manufacture of conveying and seasoning systems for the food industry. We have over 40 years of experience and the best engineers in the industry.
We combine innovation and specialist knowledge to ensure that we provide the cleanest, safest, and most reliable systems, delivering high accuracy and gentle product handling with flexibility and control.
Repeatability and accuracy of seasoning systems are essential for good product seasoning, and KMG has been at the forefront of developments for many years.
Our scarfed vibratory conveyor delivers an ultra-fine, even curtain of seasoning to the product as it is gently tumbled inside our drum. We have seen an increase in demand for our effective and reliable systems, and we are increasingly being asked to replace unreliable and over-complex electrostatic systems. We offer a choice of clean-in-place or removable drums to suit customer preferences. We supply stainless steel seasoning drums or food-safe plastic.
It’s important to understand the benefits of weighing the product flow and the amount of flavor applied accurately, as we do. This has huge benefits for clients through lower waste and overall flavor usage. The cost of new flavorings in the market appears to be rising, and we meet this challenge with our patented FlowWeigherTM and Loss in Weight control systems.
Customers are seeing more than 20% savings.