Processing Equipment

Confood Scandinavia specializes in the Snack Food Industry


The JD Manufacturing Inc Team: Over 60 Years of Collective Expertise in Snack Food Industry, Systems Automation, and Custom Machinery Design

With a cumulative experience of more than six decades in the snack food industry, systems automation, and custom machinery design, the JD Manufacturing Inc team possesses unparalleled expertise. This wealth of knowledge enables us to engage directly with our valued customers, tailoring an equipment line that precisely aligns with their unique requirements. Whether the task involves expanding an existing production line or envisioning an entirely new facility, we stand ready to guide the entire process from concept to the finished product.

300_CXI Frying System Adj Hood

Our Offerings Include:

  • Automated Control System: Ensuring precision and efficiency in operations.
  • CAD Support for Custom Layout: Expertise in translating concepts into detailed custom layouts.
  • Consultation: Providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the decision-making process.
  • Batch Fryer / Kettle Fryer: Specialized equipment for batch frying applications.
  • Batch Peeler: Delivering efficient peeling solutions for batch processing.
  • Centrifuge: High-performance centrifugal systems for specialized needs.
  • Elevating Conveyor: Streamlining material transport with advanced elevating solutions.
  • Fine/Particulate Removal System: Ensuring impeccable product quality with fine/particulate removal.
  • Holding Bin: Efficient storage solutions for various production needs.
  • Inspection Conveyor: Facilitating meticulous product inspection at various stages.
  • Material Handling Conveyor: Seamless material movement with advanced conveyor systems.
  • Stirrer: Precision-engineered stirrers for optimal mixing and blending.
  • Singulator / Orienting Feeder with Scale: Innovative singulation and precise weighing solutions.
  • Vent Hood: Effective ventilation for a safe and controlled production environment.

At JD Manufacturing Inc, we pride ourselves on delivering not just machinery, but comprehensive solutions that drive success. Our team’s dedication to excellence ensures that every project is met with unwavering commitment, turning visions into reality.