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At Actylis Agriscience, our role extends beyond conventional distribution; we function as a virtual manufacturing hub, distributing over 1,100 chemical compounds that serve as essential raw materials or finished products. With operational presence in ten countries, Actylis Agriscience’s global influence stands out within the industry, empowering us to source and deliver top-tier products across the world. By harnessing the expertise of local professionals,
Actylis Agriscience procures a substantial majority of its products from Asia, maintaining partnerships with around 500 companies in China and 200 in India.
Our strategic alliances with manufacturers in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, agriculture, and specialty chemicals, serve as a valuable asset to Actylis Agriscience’s customers. These relationships allow them to acquire crucial chemical-based products required for their multifaceted and intricate applications.
What sets Actylis Agriscience apart is our robust global technical network, which distinguishes us from standard commodity distribution entities. With dedicated regional managers in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Aceto provides comprehensive regulatory support and quality assurance to our global customer and supplier base. Our regulatory network ensures that product quality adheres to necessary standards and aligns with customer specifications for intended end use.
We offer comprehensive solutions for product and production challenges, while also aiding in quality assurance, government approvals, and compliance. These value-added services empower Aceto’s customers to be agile in responding to their own end-use customers and to thrive within the competitive global marketplace.



Techmark: Pioneering Agricultural Technology Since 1987.
In 1987, Techmark emerged with a singular vision – to offer cutting-edge technological solutions to forward-thinking agricultural producers and enterprises on a global scale.
Presently, Techmark remains dedicated to this mission, channeling its expertise into the creation, distribution, and maintenance of computerized ventilation systems tailored for a diverse range of food and agricultural contexts. With our headquarters situated in Lansing, Michigan, we’ve established a robust dealer network across North America and the international landscape, ensuring seamless service and support for our offerings. Our legacy of advanced technology solutions spans Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

At Techmark, we hold our customers and their prosperity in the highest regard. Our central objective is to equip clients with resilient and efficient systems, backed by unwavering services and support. Employing top-tier components, we construct systems that consistently surpass performance expectations, fostering reliability. Our commitment extends beyond a single transaction; it’s about nurturing enduring relationships and fostering repeat business.
By fostering collaborative partnerships with suppliers, clients, and dealers, we remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver enduring excellence across systems, products, and services for years to come.