Auxiliary Equipment

Additional equipment & machinery to support the production In the food industry.

For over 30 years, EPI Labelers has stood as a steadfast provider of robust and straightforward labeling equipment tailored for the dynamic packaging industry. Our machinery, renowned for its durability and simplicity, is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into your packaging processes. We pride ourselves on delving into the nuances of each unique application, lending an attentive ear to our customers’ needs. Let us unveil the power of precision thinking and streamlined design to enhance your operations.

In addressing fleeting promotional demands, EPI maintains an extensive inventory of rental labelers, poised for rapid deployment in as little as three weeks. Each project is approached with a dedicated understanding of your specific requirements, enabling us to engineer systems that precisely meet your needs. As we understand the pivotal role training plays in the success of any endeavor, EPI’s trainers offer unparalleled post-sale support, ensuring your needs are consistently met.

Situated in the southern reaches of York County, Pennsylvania, EPI’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and global headquarters offer an optimal backdrop for our operations. Conveniently positioned near Interstate 83, this facility boasts upgraded manufacturing capabilities, a cutting-edge R&D Lab fostering the creation of novel products and line extensions, and a comprehensive sales showroom where our equipment seamlessly demonstrates its prowess through real-world applications.


At Formers International, our ethos centers around the power of partnerships. Each collaboration is founded on the bedrock of product excellence, for we understand that the seamless functioning of your production lines hinges upon the quality of what we deliver.

By crafting form-fill-and-seal assemblies that consistently deliver flawless performance, we transform initial clients into steadfast partners. These alliances grant us a direct conduit into the ever-evolving demands of the packaging realm, fueling an ongoing cycle of innovation that has been our hallmark for over 35 years.

This commitment to innovation ensures a perpetual enhancement and fortification of our product, mirroring the enduring strength of our partnerships.

Since 1975, Formers has stood at the forefront of the industry, catalyzing transformative technology in response to the evolving needs of our clientele. Our esteemed Lyte product range embodies patented engineering and design, yielding formers that are remarkably lighter—often 30-50% lighter—than comparable bag formers.

At Formers International, our pioneering EZ Align technology takes center stage. This patented innovation offers a seamless, no-tool installation process for any assembly dispatched to our valued customers. The result? A reduction in assembly time and enhanced safety, all rigorously tested on the very floors of leading packaging facilities within the industry.

Formers International: Where innovation and partnerships converge, propelling us ever forward.


At Hethon Augers, we specialize in crafting dosing machines designed to impeccably measure and dispense diverse dry substances, each possessing unique properties. Our dosing solutions encompass both volumetric and gravimetric mechanisms, ensuring an unparalleled level of accuracy.

Central to our offerings are our feeders, exceptional dosing machines equipped with a flexible wall hopper. These innovative hoppers are thoughtfully designed to incorporate external paddles, delicately massaging the hopper walls. This gentle movement serves a crucial purpose: facilitating the seamless flow of the powdery substance designated for dosing, all while safeguarding it from harm that traditional stirring arms or screws might impose.

Through this massaging action, we mitigate the risks of bridging and ratholing—the dreaded culprits that hinder consistent dosing. By elegantly circumventing these challenges, we empower the effortless and precise dosing of powders that may otherwise possess unfavorable flow characteristics and a propensity to compact.

At Hethon Augers, our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that even the most challenging powders find their match. Through our dosing solutions, we unlock the potential for smooth and accurate dosing, revolutionizing the way industries handle their dry substances.


Rooted in family stewardship and boasting a thriving three-decade legacy, KRUMBEIN.rationell. stands as a beacon of innovative and customer-centric solutions. Our journey commenced in 1977 under the leadership of Wolfgang Krumbein. Over the subsequent years, our enterprise has forged an impeccable reputation within the food industry, winning the trust of our valued clientele.

At KRUMBEIN.rationell., our domain of expertise spans the spectrum of development, design, manufacturing, and distribution of specialized machinery and equipment. Our dedicated focus caters specifically to bakery, confectionery, and related food processing entities.

Our machinery production is expertly bifurcated into two key realms. The first encompasses a lineup of standardized machines, sharing consistent design and functionality tailored to meet the diverse needs of numerous clients. Our current repertoire boasts an impressive array of around 50 distinct standard machines.

The second arena is dedicated to the creation of custom-engineered machines and specialized equipment, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique demands of individual customers. To gain insights into our capabilities and accomplishments, we encourage you to explore the ’Special Machines’ section on our platform.

Our machines are brought to life through a blend of made-to-order production and small batch series. Our state-of-the-art production facilities house an array of modern machinery, enabling us to manufacture the majority of components in-house. This setup facilitates the swift integration of custom requirements, yielding a favorable impact on rapid transitions to production phases.

Distribution and servicing within our domestic market is meticulously managed from our headquarters, conveniently situated at a geographically strategic nexus within Germany. This vantage point enables efficient access to diverse locales, ensuring prompt and effective service.

On the global front, our machines traverse borders with the aid of a well-connected network of international commercial agencies. These esteemed partners are equipped with profound expertise in applications, service, and know-how, thereby delivering comprehensive consultation, project planning, and technical implementation to our discerning clientele.

At KRUMBEIN.rationell., we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, customization, and customer-centricity, fostering enduring relationships and redefining industry standards.


Lako Tooling

Established in 1975, Lako stands as an esteemed international trailblazer within the realm of flexible packaging. With our inception, we have risen to prominence as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Headquartered in the United States, our influence spans across borders, bolstered by a robust network of local service teams situated in strategic locations. From the expanse of the U.S. to Mexico, Latin America—including Columbia—and stretching to Europe with a presence in Germany and other key locales, our global footprint attests to our unwavering commitment to serving diverse markets.

Our clientele encompasses leaders within a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from food, consumables, and medical sectors to the dynamic film industry, alongside original equipment manufacturers. At Lako, we take immense pride in equipping our clients with enduring solutions characterized by longevity, seasoned and responsive service, and forefront innovations that not only enhance ROI but also contribute to a reduced environmental footprint.

With our eyes firmly fixed on the horizon, Lako propels forward, reshaping the flexible packaging landscape and exemplifying a dedication to sustainable progress and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Lako Tools

lanly Partners

The Lanly Company: Pioneering Excellence Since 1938

Since its inception in 1938, The Lanly Company has been at the forefront of designing and constructing Industrial Ovens, Industrial Dryers, Material Handling Equipment, Process Control Systems, and Custom Heat Processing Equipment. Our unwavering commitment spans a diverse range of industries, shaping solutions that redefine standards and empower production.

Lanly’s signature ovens and dryers are synonymous with exceptional product uniformity and ease of maintenance, ensuring an optimized production cycle. Central to our success is our industry-proven impingement air process, setting new benchmarks for product uniformity. This is further amplified by our proficiency in programmable PC control, culminating in fully integrated monitoring and control systems that uphold quality and consistency.

Infused with over seven decades of multi-industry expertise and boundless innovation, each Lanly system emerges as an embodiment of groundbreaking engineering. Our solutions rise to meet the most exacting application requirements, bolstered by the confidence that comes from partnering with a pioneer who has seamlessly merged innovation with real-world experience.

Having pioneered excellence for over 75 years across diverse industries, Lanly’s unique position empowers us to craft bespoke heat processing equipment tailored precisely to your rigorous specifications. As we embark on this journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing boundaries, crafting custom solutions, and defining the future of industrial heat processing.