Yamato Scale


We will keep contributing to society development and better living standard in everywhere around the world with our products created from our high-advanced “fixed-weight weighing” technology.
Our history as a specialized “Scale maker” starts from 1920 when Kawanishi Machine Works created a scale manufacturing section, which became the separate company Yamato in 1945.
Since then, as we will reach the 100th anniversary of establishment in 2020, we have been contributing to development of Japan by new weighing equipment and weighing system and worked on innovation for healthy and energy saving life.
Our company policy of “Reliability, Technology, and Creativity” always reminds us “Yamato for Technology” and we keep trying to improve customers’ convenience and life qualities through development of weighing technology.
We will challenge to create new concept of weighing, develop new products and advance further in the world so that our established “ fixed-weight weighing” technology can help better productivity and effectiveness at various industries and support better life quality in the whole world.

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Yamato first manufactured a checkweigher in 1965 – the CB3. Since then they have designed and developed numerous versions including the H, G and E series. The latest outstanding versions are I and J-series with the following Key features and Benefits:

  • High accuracy Digital Loadcell
  • High Natural frequency Loadcell
  • Dual Loadcell (option)
  • Higher Packing Line Speeds.
  • Wide variation of Systems
  • Wide variation of weigh tables.
  • Increased IP rating.
  • MID Approved.

 The new J-Series checkweigher uses industry leading technology to provide a high performance checkweighing unit with functionality to meet all applications and requirements, whether they are standard or bespoke.


The Tabletop Semi-Automatic Dataweigh (TSDW) is the ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight packages, such as vegetables or meat and is capable of speeds up to 30 weighings per minute (wpm).

The Tabletop Semi-Automatic Dataweigh is designed with the aim of reducing weighing loss and minimizing product damage through retaining an element of manual checking.  The conveyor belt allows for the handling of fragile products, such as meat, through minimal drops.


The Semi-Automatic Dataweigh is a multi-functional combination scale, capable of speeds up to 30 weighings per minute (wpm). Hygenic and waterproof, the Semi-Automatic Dataweigh is suitable for meat, seafood and poultry and is ideal for packs which are a fixed weight.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Easy Operation (RCU-910)
  • Food Safety
  • Application
  • Wide Variety of Weighing Applications.