Tenrit Foodtec


Tenrit Foodtec

TENRIT Foodtec Maschinenbau GmbH is a company of the privately owned Tenge-Rietberg group. Decades of acquired experience and know-how in food technology provide a solid foundation for the reputation that TENRIT Foodtec, as specialists for food processing machinery, enjoys today.

Since the construction of the first asparagus peeler in the European market in 1991, TENRIT Foodtec has become one of the leading suppliers with an international orientation in the area of food processing.

With the development of the revolutionary vegetable and asparagus peeling plant TENRIT PLUS in 2011 TENRIT has been able to turn its attention to an even broader customer base. The new system combines the latest technology and currently has the largest peeling capacity worldwide.

TENRITs ongoing distinction is a continuously high quality workmanship and the constant readiness to invest in new technologies and innovations.

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